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Learn to Swim

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It is a common misconception that all dogs automatically know how to swim when they end up in water. But, just like humans, dogs have varying comfort levels when it comes to water. Knowing how to swim is a valuable skill that all dogs should become acclimated to as it can greatly benefit them throughout their life, whether it be for recreational, therapeutic/rehabilitative, or emergency purposes. 

Although it can often be easier to instill positive first experiences with swimming when puppies are still small, young & fearless, it is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks! Dogs of all ages can benefit from learning how to swim, remain calm when in water, and enter and exit safely. 

Safe and controlled introductions to swimming can help dogs overcome their fear of water, and provide them with an excellent way to improve their mental and physical health and fitness. It also ensures that owners can confidently have their dogs in environments where there is water (beaches, lakes, ponds, on boats, around in-ground and above-ground pools, etc.), and lessens the likelihood of dogs panicking in such situations.

Swimming is considered the #1 exercise for young dogs since it offers a safe and effective way for them to exercise and burn energy without putting any pressure on their developing joints! 

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